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It is a commonly held view that political and bureaucratic corruption, public funds embezzlement, fraudulent procurement practices and corruption in the enforcement
Worldwide, as many as 168 million children have they earn a few cents an hour and they simply do not have enough time to go to school and improve their future prospects.
Though human rights today assume great significance and necessity and though violations of human rights and unlawful acts are denounced even beyond the frontiers of the countries
Traditionally speaking Women have a very respectable place in the Indian ancient history, but coming to present day scenario they have been facing a lot of problems irrespective of cast,
The following eight basic consumer rights serve as a commonly accepted basis upon which consumer Advocacy groups worldwide develop programmes in order to meet the expectations of the communities in which they work.
NACF, which is fighting for a Corruption free INDIA is also keen in taking up of the Responsibilities of the under privileged Children and the aged who are abandoned by their near and dear.

SOME WORDS ABOUT National Anti Corruption Force

The main object to work towards the versatile development of the Society. To strive hard in building corruption-free India. To bring the awareness to eradicate the corruption from the village level. To diagnose the root cause for corruption and fight against it.

To act as the Guardians of the society and ensure that the social welfare schemes designed by the state/central government reach the ultimate beneficiary and they are being enjoyed only by the intended beneficiaries and none other. To fight against the social evils such as child labour, Slavism, Child Marriage, Female infanticide, dowry, corruption, illegal mining, land and lake encroachment, deforestation and many such similar things within the frame works of the constitution.Read More

Programmes of NACF